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24' Self Contained - Air Conditioned
Labor & Industries Approved Vending Unit
State of Washington

We Deliver !
Mobile Beverage Catering Service

Self Contained...
Propane & Battery Powered
We Can Go Anywhere !


Sports Events
Company Parties
School Functions
Fund Raisers
Birthday Parties
Horse Shows
Movie Sets
Car Rallies

Mobile or Stationary Espresso & Beverage Catering Unit

This versatile trailer is completely self contained including a bathroom for the employees.

Espresso powered by propane.

Grinder powered by 12 volt DC to AC inverter.

Walk Up or Drive-Thru.

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This Mobile Catering Unit has served us very well....this is where we got our start in the business of specialty coffee retailing.

Our drive-thru keeps us as busy as we want to be, so we have decided to sell the mobile catering aspect of our business.

You can purchase the complete package including the truck, espresso equipment, removable menus, free standing A frame promotion signs, or just the trailer by itself.


Detailed photos of the inside of the trailer and scenes from events are available further down the page.

1985 Alpenlite 24' 5th Wheel
L&I Approved for Vending

Free Standing Self-Contained
Air Conditioned

The perfect vending unit for all types of events from one day to a a week long festival or fair.

This unit is designed to work in remote locations where conventional power and services are not available. It will also work with a regular extension cord when shore power is available.

The espresso machine and hot water operate on propane. The 12 volt electrical system includes a "Solid State Inverter" which makes battery power available as 110 AC for grinders and other appliances. There is no need for a noisy and smelly generator!

The trailer is equipped with 2 beds and a private area which can be used for sleeping or storage, as necessary.

There is a full sized shower and bathroom for use by the employees, which allows for setting up in remote locations without public facilities.

Removable Menus

The custom designed menu boards can be easily removed when not in use.

Espresso Area and Syrup Rack

Custom cabinetry includes Formica counter tops and a recessed rack for safe holding of syrup bottles, which are convenient to the serving window and espresso machine.

The espresso machine and grinder are mounted on the white storage cabinet that has lots of available storage space.

Organized Supply Closet

Custom built, individual compartments for organizing cups, lids, syrups, towels, paper goods, supplies, etc. Secure for travel.

Sinks and Re-Cycling

The stainless steel kitchen sink is used for hand washing and general purpose clean up. By adding a plastic tub it becomes a 3 compartment sink for dish washing which meets health department requirements.

The trash cans below the serving shelf hold the coffee grounds, dirty towels, aluminum cans, and trash.

Bathroom for Employees

There is a private bathroom for the employees which means that you can set up and serve anywhere. Most health departments require that the employees have a bathroom facility within 200 feet of the vending unit.

1977 Chevrolet Silverado 3/4 Ton
Classic Crew Cab

Designed for Pulling

This 1977 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab has been very well maintained. The suspension has been lowered for pulling the trailer in a level position. This allows for setting up and working without having to un-hitch the trailer.

15,000 miles on Custom Built 400 Cubic Inch V8, with automatic transmission. The engine has an excess of power to move down the highway without hesitation.

The Crew Cab has plenty of room for 6 people with lots of room for storage of supplies.

The colors blend well together for a very clean classic and professional appearance. People feel comfortable ordering food and drinks from a well maintained rig.

Well Organized Interior

Spacious well lit and efficient layout of the serving and preparation area allows 2 or 3 people to work together as a team.

Storage of Milk and Supplies

We converted the refrigerator to work as an insulated storage unit for up to 20 gallons of shelf stable milk.

Espresso Machine & Grinder

This Classic Astoria 2 Group Piston Espresso Machine makes some of the best espresso available. Its as simple as pulling the lever down and releasing it to make perfect espresso shots every time.

The espresso machine is powered by propane or conventional 240 volt electricity.

The Rossi coffee grinder is the workhorse of the industry and can be adjusted to give you the perfect grind every time.

The grinder runs on 110 AC and can be operated by the 1000 watt power inverter which is housed in the white cabinet.

Menu & Serving Counter

The serving window is located at the back end of the trailer. There is a folding serving counter that can be laid flat for traveling, or flipped up and locked in place for serving.


There are two beds and a full size shower. This give you the option of arriving at an event the night before, so you can be set up and running when the other vendors arrive and they are looking for the morning coffee.

This area can also be used for extra storage of supplies, when not being used for sleeping.

Sold Separately or as a Complete Turn-Key Package:

Trailer = $ 18,000
Truck = $ 8,000
Package = $26,000

Photos from Catering Venues Summer 2003

Saturday Bank Parking Lot

Private Party at the Fairgrounds

Country Roadside Set Up

Lavender Farm Festival

Charity Car Wash

Heritage Festival Weekend

Marathon Concessions

Set Up at Lavender Festival

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